California surfer attacked by a shark: he escaped by hitting her back

Wednesday, April 29, in California a man was attacked by a shark, resulting in authorities temporarily closed the beach two days after its opening.

The incident occurred in the waters in Encinitas, a beach town North of San Diego (California).

The man was surfing. He told NBC 7 that during the attack acted in response to «aggressive» and hit the shark.

Authorities immediately closed the beach a mile to the North and South of the place where the incident occurred, and installed warning signs about sharks. The surfer was lucky to manage minor injuries.

It is unknown what kind of shark attacked the man. In this region, there are a Mako shark, leopard sharks and sometimes white.

According to the International list of shark attacks in 2019 California ranked third in the United States in the number of unprovoked shark attacks (3 cases). In second place – Hawaii (9 cases), championship at Florida (21 cases).

The shark attack happened two days after the beach in Encinitas was re-opened for certain activities after a month of blocking.

Since the residents can enjoy surfing or swimming. To sunbathe and to lie on the beach is prohibited. Beach lovers should observe the rules of social distancing and not to gather in groups.