In the US, after the storm came a bright orange cloud of unusual shape (video)

A severe thunderstorm where the residents of Oklahoma had warned about the threat of tornadoes, was the «culprit» awesome view in the sky over the state when a storm system headed South.

Thunderstorms that hit across the Oklahoma and passed through it towards the coast of the Gulf of Mexico brought hail, damaging winds, torrential rains and a tornado warning.

The storm covered Tulsa and vicinity on Tuesday evening. After the storm passed, the skies of Oklahoma could see a bright orange «videobritney clouds» (Yes, that’s what they are called). In English- «mammatus clouds».

We went from green and black to orange #okwx #Tulsa

— court (@Courtstuffs) April 29, 2020

As described in the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, videobritney clouds are entities with a rounded, smooth saccular protrusions hanging from the bottom of the cloud.

These clouds are some of the most unusual and rare. They are mainly formed as a result of air turbulence within large cumulonimbus clouds.

According to meteorologists, «videobritney cloud» can bring hail, heavy rain and lightning, but if the air is cold and the snow.