On the first day of the opening of the shopping centre after quarantine in the Parking lot broke out of a brutal girl fight

A fight broke out at a shopping center in Atlanta (Georgia) in the day when it reopened after the quarantine. A brutal spectacle eyewitnesses removed on video.

The video has already gathered over 7 million views, and some note that GA started to open after quarantine too early.

The 17-second clip begins with the brawl, three women and a security guard at the Parking lot of Cumberland Mall.

«Stop, or I will use pepper spray,» says the guard, trying to calm the women.

And then into the frame comes a man who is a foot kicking one of the women. According to witnesses, three women had a fight near the food court of the shopping center, and then continued disassembly in the Parking lot.

A drop kick in the name of love seen yesterday at Cumberland Mall. Welcome to Atlanta…😳pic.twitter.com/U8D8aEMiBp

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) May 6, 2020

«If people don’t know how to behave in public, it’s better to stay at home. This is a stressful time,» said one of the buyers.

On Friday, April 24, the Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, one of the first in the country to remove the restrictions — a move that even the President of trump is considered to be «too premature.»