Trump signed a law on tax reform

Trump signed a law on tax reform

In Washington, the President , Donald trump just an hour ago signed a 1.5 trillion law on tax reform.

According to the Associated Press, the President told reporters gathered in the oval office that, «for it will speak the numbers.»

Trump signed a law on tax reform

Donald trump also added that he was going to wait to sign the law closer to 1 January, but changed his mind and decided to do it before Christmas. Christmas, by the way, the President will hold in his mansion in Florida.

We will remind, the new tax law provides for generous reductions for corporations and the richest Americans and more modest for the middle class and poor families.

As the Associated Press, this is the first serious tax reform in the country since 1986, but far from the largest level of tax cuts in American history, according to Donald trump. However, this is the first legislative victory of Republicans since the election trump.

«95% of Americans will pay less or, in the worst case, the same taxes (mostly much less),» President’s statement on Twitter today. «The Democrats only want to raise your taxes!».

95% of Americans will pay less or, at worst, the same amount of taxes (mostly far less). The Dems only want to raise your taxes!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 22, 2017

According to some experts, the new tax plan may adversely affect the United States, leading to a deficit.

Detailed information (with numbers) about what is the new tax plan can be found in the material USA.ONE the link.