Gel for washing will be less «edible»

Gel for washing will be less «edible»

New bill submitted for consideration in the legislative Assembly of new York, requires manufacturers to make cleaning products, in particular capsules for washing, more safe for children.

Capsules must not attract attention «neutral color» and a solid cover which would be impossible to crack, according to the sponsors of the bill — Democrats Brad Hoylman and Arabella Simotas.

Gel for washing will be less «edible»

To the initiation of this bill prompted a threat of the flash mob #Tide Pod Challenge teenagers, mostly aged 13 to 19 years, across the country swallow capsules for washing on a bet, to then publicly give an experiment the next «daredevil» — a friend, acquaintance, etc. Eating capsules removed the camera and laid out in social networks. The result is dramatic: the majority of «experimenters» come to the hospital with severe poisoning. In January 2018, the U.S. centers Association of poison control reported «increased anxiety» in connection with the popularity of the challenge. From the beginning of poisoning detergents were hospitalized 86 people. In addition, the hot lines of the Association received more than 50 thousand calls associated with eating or attempts at eating washing capsules. And that is terrible, hundreds of cases involved children under the age of 5 years.

February 6 Hoylman and Simotas said that sent the parent company of Tide — Procter & Gamble the letter calling to create a new, less attractive, the design of capsules for washing. In addition to «neutral colors» cleanser should have a bitter taste and be deprived frankly a pleasant smell, so appealing to children, the letter said.


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