New York can take half the jackpot, the winner with a low income

This week the total amount of the jackpots for Mega Millions and Powerball have exceeded $1 billion. Millions of people willing to try their luck lined up in the queue for tickets.

However, for the people of new York lottery winnings might not be as rosy as the winners from other States. According to the program of confiscation, adopted in 1995 by Governor George Pataki, the state may confiscate a significant part of the jackpot, even if the winning amount is relatively small.

It turns out that after the income of the winner to ever receive a social benefit, has increased at the expense of a lottery payout, this person is obliged to return to the state everything that he had spent from the state Treasury.

«It’s not fair,» — said Laura Vargas, who regularly plays Mega Millions. The woman has never enjoyed state aid, however, was unpleasantly surprised by the rules of the compensation program.

«If you were on welfare and win a prize, you just got lucky, said Laura Vargas PIX11. And they just want to use it? As for me, it’s not fair».

According to the official records of Service of the temporary social assistance in 2013 new York seized about $20 million more than 30 thousand lottery winners receiving aid for the last 10 years.

However, the attorney Empire Justice Center Susan Antos argues that in the system there are exceptions.

«There are instructions on how to appeal, but this must be done immediately,» said PIX11 human rights activist.

Susan Antos was represented in court the interests 72-year-old Walter Carver of Brooklyn. In 2007, the man received only half of his winnings in the amount of $10 thousand. However the lawyer has proved that its client was a participant of the program «From welfare to work» (Welfare-to-Work Program), which helps with training and finding jobs. In 2015, the Carver got his $5 million back.