In California in pet stores banned from selling dogs from breeders

From 1 January 2019 in California comes into force, the bill AB-485, prohibiting pet stores to sell any dogs, cats and rabbits also received from the state Agency or shelter, society for the prevention of cruelty to animal shelter, or rescue groups that have a cooperation agreement with at least one private or public shelter.

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In other words, under the new law, stores can’t sell animals, courtesy of the former owners-natural persons and, most importantly, the grown yield of animal breeders. The legislator demanded «that every pet store kept records sufficient to document the source of each dog, cat or rabbit» and in the store for customers must be available information «in a conspicuous location on the cage or enclosure of each animal sign indicating the name of the object from which were obtained every dog, cat or rabbit.»

California is the first state in the US, which introduced such a provision. Many doubted that the breeders and owners of shops will not be able to work around it. Maybe you can, but if you get caught, pay a fine of $ 500. To understand the average puppy in California costs about $ 500, although depending on the breed, the price can reach $ 2000.

The measure can theoretically economically support the shelters and rescue team, always barely getting by all, disciplinarum pet owners, and will cut the ground from under the feet of breeders, which are all suspected of inhumane treatment of animals. Though the shelters interviewed recently by NBC Los Angeles, turned out to be not quite satisfied with the law — there are used to find future owners for the animals and choose a worthy, in order to be confident in the future of the animal. To give to the store where the puppy you buy is not known who, in shelters not yet sure that it’s right.

Anyway dog, cat and rabbit life in California will survive this New year a real revolution that will change the way many four-legged lives. Other States will closely watch how it will end. California breeders, which can strike the law until the media reported about your plans of moving to other States, re-orienting hamsters, or other animals, do not fall under the new law, or about the innovations that will allow them to circumvent the new rules.