The Ukrainian woman he met online with the «American» and transferred him $28000. It turned out to be a scammer from Nigeria

Marriage swindlers have dissolved a resident of Ukraine for $28 thousand.

As reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Kharkiv region, «the us military» Kharkovchanka of poznakomilas social networks. A new friend told me that is a contract and upon completion of the service wish to come to Ukraine for further acquaintance. It made women trust.

«Subsequently, the fan decided to congratulate a new friend happy birthday and said that he had sent by courier a parcel with a gift and some personal things,» — said the head of Department of Prosecutor’s office of Kharkiv region Tatyana Sotnikova.

A few days later the woman called the accomplice online the seducer. The swindler was presented by the customs officer and reported the mail. To receive your gift, Kharkov asked to pay $1.2 thousand fees.

She wired the funds, but soon she called again, this time to announce that mail in her name is $2 million (!), therefore, it is necessary to pay $6.5 million in taxes.

As explained Kharkov Internet lover, these funds were seized from the gang in Afghanistan, where he serves. With this amount the «American military» allegedly wanted to start a new life in Ukraine. He asked «favorite» to depart, promising to compensate all the costs.

Trusting the lady transferred the requested amount of the fraud, however, the promise of $2 million and has not received. Instead, she was offered to pay 1% of pension collection. She gave the crooks another $20 thousand.

And only after a request to pay another fee — almost $50 thousand! the woman understood that became a victim of fraud and contacted the police.

According to the investigation, the persons involved in this Scam are in Nigeria.