«She was terribly afraid of him»: the Husband of missing a teacher and mother of three children is accused of the attack

Husband of missing a teacher and mother of three children living in the household was taken into custody on charges of assault and harassment. And the police reported that in a warehouse in Staten island were found human remains.

37-year-old Janine Cammarata was last seen on Saturday, March 30, about 21 o’clock in the evening near Denker Place and McVeigh Avenue, when she left the house of his current lover.

At the moment the charges against her husband, 42-year-old Michael Cammarata, have no direct relationship to the disappearance Cammarata, said the police. The man admitted that earlier attacked wife and punched her.

Loved ones Cammarata still can’t find a place.

«I’m very nervous, — said Jose Perez, friend and landlord of the girl. — She wouldn’t hurt a fly».

The couple had a difficult relationship: police received complaints about the incidents, and, reportedly, they are in the process of a divorce and continuing custody battle over children. Friends say that Janine was terrified of Michael.

«Harassment, persecution, says Perez. She exaggerated, because he was concerned for their safety. And I noticed this, I told her: «You better deal with it, if you don’t want any problems.» She always wrote me where she is, if something happens. But she did not do it».

According to law enforcement sources, despite the fact that the police visited the house of the guy Cammarata as part of the investigation, he is not considered a suspect in the case.

«He’s the last person who saw her,» said best friend Cammarata Jessica Escape.

MISSING: Have you seen Jeanine Cammarata? She is 4’11, 120 lbs, with brown eyes & brown hair.

She was last seen on March 30 at 9 pm near McVeigh Ave & Nehring Ave in Staten Island. If you have any information on her whereabouts contact @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS. pic.twitter.com/upDzWUZF7B

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) April 3, 2019

Lawyer Janine divorce, Eric Gansberg, expressed deep concern.

«I’ve been doing this for over 35 years, nothing would surprise me,’ said Ginsberg. I don’t think all will end well.»

According to Gansberg between Paul Cammarata and her husband had no legal agreement about custody, it was satisfied that her children live in the house with him, de earlier they all lived together.

«I loved her very much,’ said one of her students, Salaun, whose mother allowed him to speak with PIX11 News. — And now I don’t know where she is.»

Cammarata hired Ginsberg at the end of last year. Cammarata had informed his lawyer that he left his house in the middle of 2017 «because of the violence in the family.»

No one — neither her students nor best friend nor her sister, who should arrive in new York from Alabama on Wednesday evening — don’t know where she is.

According to police, the unidentified remains were discovered at the facility at 7 Arden Ave. in Staten island. Police have not yet confirmed who they belong to.

BREAKING: Body discovered in Staten Island storage facility … the NYPD working to ID … looking into the possibility the remains are linked to missing mom case (h/t @jonathan4ny) #nbc4ny https://t.co/lucWMPy4Cu pic.twitter.com/5UKSOmYctY

— Steven Bognar (@Bogs4NY) April 4, 2019