A woman, accused of killing 16-year-old girl in 1975, died before the court

It took decades of prosecutors to build a case against a woman from San Antonio accused of murdering 16-year-old girl in 1975. But to condemn the accused will fail – before she died.

According to the lawyer, 61-year-old Mary Jane Stewart, Perry, Ron Daniels, a long time he could not contact his client until he found out that she died in a Texas hospice.

«I got a call from the district attorney County of Houston (Georgia) Erica Edwards reported the incident. I was shocked,» said the lawyer.

Mary Stuart in April 2017 was first charged with premeditated murder in the November 1975 in Georgia, 16-year-old Cheryl white. Prior to the trial, which was supposed to start in may this year, the woman was on bail.

According to the Prosecutor, in the seventies, 18-year-old Mary and 16-year-old Cheryl were roommates. Mary killed the little neighbor 15 stab wounds to arms and chest, and then slit her throat. About the motive of the old crime, which has long been a cold case, the Prosecutor did not tell.

A woman, accused of killing 16-year-old girl in 1975, died before the courtCheryl in 1975 and Mary Jane in 2017. Photo: Houston County Sheriff’s Office

The death certificate of Mary Jane Stewart States that she died of acute chronic respiratory failure.

The Prosecutor immediately announced the death of the accused father of the murdered girl.

«He took it calmly. He had 43 years to come to terms, ‘ said Edwards. — He was grateful that we were going to make it so that the accused suffered punishment.»

The district attorney added that he plans to file official documents in the Supreme court of the district of Houston this week to close the case.