Meet Wally: this alligator companion, and all he wants is to kiss and hug you (video)

Imagine rounding a corner and encounter a large reptile. Five-foot alligator with 83 teeth, sharp as a razor is not just an unusual pet, but the animal is for emotional support, that is, it gives benefits to people with physical disabilities or emotional disorder. He is so gentle that even the owner visits with him to kindergarten, where with him love to play with children.

Wally is a very unusual alligator. At first glance, he seems intimidating, but in fact he’s incredibly cute. The owner of the alligator – Joey Henry of York, Pennsylvania. The alligator follows his master everywhere: where is Joey, there goes Wally.

In addition, he has officially issued document with a photograph and the birthday alligator, certifying that Wally – licensed animal companion.

Of course, sometimes looking at them with fright, but Henry calms people, explaining that if they hold Wally, you will understand what kind of emotional support he gives.

And Wally loves when he kiss and hug. Henny jokes that his alligator – a real ladies ‘ man.

Wally already used to seeing in the local kindergarten, shop for Pets, and even shop low prices.

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When Henny and alligator out of the house, Wally is always on a leash. But home 16-pound alligator quietly moves around the house. He likes to watch TV lying in the arms of master or splash in the private pool.

Henny explains that it’s the least he could do for Wally, who, according to him, helped him out of depression. «I don’t know what I would do without him,» said Henney Inside Edition in tears. «He’s no ordinary alligator, he is very loving, he loves to cuddle and often rests with me.»