The American received 6 months probation after you pulled the alligator out of their yoga pants

The Florida woman was sentenced to 6 months suspended sentence after you pulled the alligator out of the yoga pants when she was stopped by the police.

25-year-old Ariel of Macon Le Cuir detained may 6, around 3:30 a.m. after officers stopped her and 22-year-old Michael Clemons because he ran a Stop sign in Punta Gorda (FL).

Two suspects told the officers that night I tried to collect snakes and frogs under the overpass. The police searched the car and found 41 turtle, which the pair kept in backpack «teenage mutant ninja Turtles». Then the police decided to ask Clemons and Le Cuir not hiding anything else in the car. According to the Miami Herald, at that moment, the woman pulled out of their yoga pants long alligator.

Le Cuir accused in the possession of the Mississippi alligator, possession of more than one turtle per day and transport more than one turtle or turtle eggs.

A criminal who was listed as a stray, was put in jail and held on bail of $ 10,000, until it was released after the verdict on August 21.

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In the end, the woman pleaded guilty to illegal possession of wild animals and received 6 months probation. She also must undergo 200 hours of community service. The court ordered her to donate $ 500 to Florida Commission for the protection of fish and wildlife.