«I felt that he was there»: the girl made a heartwarming photo with his father, a soldier, 11 years after his death

Photographer from Nebraska wanted that the graduate school had pictures of a long memory. Now these unusual and very touching photos plastered all over the Internet.

Photographer Suzanne Beckman Sunday shared photos of graduates Julie Illescas on his page in Facebook. In these pictures you can see a girl who looks at the silhouette of his dad, captain, U.S. army Robert D. Illescas, who died in 2008 from injuries when near him in Afghanistan detonated an improvised explosive device.

In one of the photos Julia is wearing a badge of a soldier, and another she holds in her hands the American flag. Itself Julie, who lives in Lincoln Nebraska, told KOLN-TV: «When I saw these photos, it almost felt like he was next to me.»

Beckman who noted that engaged in photography for about 8 years, told USA TODAY that have long been familiar with the family Illescas, and took pictures with Julia since she was 9 years old.

Suzanne, a military wife and mother of two children, admitted that he never thought that these pictures would attract so much attention. But on Tuesday night her post with the pictures shared about 38 thousand times.

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«On Saturday we just took a photo of Julia in memory of her prom and I posted them on his page in Facebook on Sunday afternoons. Today is Tuesday and fasting so many times shared… it’s just crazy,» — said Beckman. «I could not think that they will find reflection in the hearts of so many people and it will be so much support and positivity associated with the images. This is amazing.»

Suzanne said that the first pictures of the girls saw her mother, dena Illescas. «Her mother confessed that she had caught the spirit,» recalls Suzanne.

She noted that Dan and Julie warmly thanked her for the photos.