«Clairvoyant» lured about $1.5 million from the grieved students to «remove the curse» with her late mother

She was a 27-year-old student, studied medicine and was suffering from depression when it in the lobby, approached the self-styled prophetess, and promised supernatural assistance. A student who was looking for a way out of difficult situation, agreed to help.

Imaginary witch said her name is Jacqueline Miller, and told the student that the cause of her problems is the curse that killed her mother.

A student from Houston met with the woman, whose real name sherry Tina Uwanawich, several times a week for many years. She paid her huge sums for materials for meditation, including crystals and candles to remove the curse and protect his family. 10 years later the witch was finally charged with three points of the fraud, one of which she recognized in June as the agreement with prosecutors. On Friday, Uwanawich (28) appeared in court in West palm beach, Florida. She was sentenced to pay $1.6 million and 40 months in prison.

Uwanawich, according to the case, argued that she has the «power of God», and it can communicate with the spirit world. She said that a witch in South America, whence came the family of the student, cursed the girl’s mother before she died.

The student, whose name in court submissions not called, took student loans and worked additional hours in a nightclub to pay for the removal of the curse from the family. Soon, however, Evanovich began to demand gift certificates, clothing, and rental car. In the end, the student gave the witch hundreds of thousands of dollars from the inheritance received after the death of his father.

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When Uwanawich moved to South Florida in 2008, the student will begin to transfer money to her Bank account. For 7 years she gave the amount of $550 thousand to $1.5 million.

In 2014, when the student went to visit Uwanawich in Florida, she confessed to her that the story of the curse is a lie.

Shortly after the victim learned the truth, she turned to Bob Nygaard, officer of the NYPD, who has already retired. He became a private investigator and specialized in this kind of fraud. Of Nygaard, who helped to plant at least 40 predictors of the future across the country, decided to study the girl. «She is very brave and strong, because he decided to talk about what happened,» he said. «It is very difficult when someone pretends that he is your Trustee, and then emboss emotional kidney from under your feet.»

In such cases there are many similarities, adds Nygaard. «They isolate the victim from friends and family. Then reopen existing fears normally associated with love, money or health. They argue that we can only help them.»

As stated in the court materials, Uwanawich claims that she was born in a «Gypsy culture», and her family forced her to become a fortune teller, who will give all the money to «Gypsy family». She also stated that her «Gypsy husband» to physically punish her if she doesn’t find his money.

After Uwanawich told the whole truth to the student, she told her that they should write a book, but the student will need to pay $30 thousand to it was written, said Nygaard. She added that she will be able to return to the student the money as soon as the book will collect $30 million profit.