A woman so badly starved dog with hunger that she resembled a «skeleton with skin»

The owner of a dog so badly starved your pet, that the animal looked like «a skeleton with skin», said the police. The second pet women could not survive the resulting care of the wound and died. Will survive saved by the staff of the division of animal control the dog is not yet known.

Samantha Bishop (30 years) are reported to be so poorly cared for the dog that her legs were covered with wounds and sores, «probably from the fact that she was standing in their own excrement and urine,» said the investigators.


Geplaatst door Walton County Sheriff, Michael A. Adkinson, Jr. op Woensdag 27 november 2019

They added that the animal named hope weighed only 29 pounds, almost half the size 45-50 pounds, which must weigh a healthy dog of her size. Status hope became known after the Sheriff’s office Walton County in Florida reported an alleged animal cruelty from the Bishop. It was reported that she mocks hope and his other dog. On Tuesday, the Department of animal control showed up at her home and, although they did not find the Bishop at home, I saw 2 dogs locked up in the pen «in very bad condition».

The second dog was found lying on the concrete floor of the pen, covered with blood, feces and urine. Due to the injuries she later died, and about hope now care veterinarians who say they are not sure that it will survive.

Bishop later found, arrested and she was charged with 2 cases of cruelty to animals. The representative of the County Sheriff’s office Walton said that the Bishop denies the charges. He explained: «the Bishop told the investigators that fed and took care of the dogs every day. The condition of the animals and their living conditions, not confirm her statements.»

Bishop posted bail of $5,000 and she is scheduled to next appear in court when the decision will be made on her case.