The pedophile told the judge that feels 8-year-old girl and compared the trial with Auschwitz

Joseph Gabrick, 45, told the judge that he feels eight-year-old girl during his trial for the viewing and production of child pornography. The offender claims that, according to the law on freedom of expression, he has a right to see and create images of sexual abuse of children.

Gabric was this week sentenced to 20 years in prison in Grand rapids, Michigan, judge Paul Denenfeld who did not believe the strange statements of Gabrica. The defendant acted as his own lawyer and spoke openly about their mental health problems. Prosecutors called him a «threat to society».

Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Helmer said: «Even during the trial, the accused continued to draw child pornography depicting abuse of children, and stating that it is his constitutional right.»

Gabric, a convicted sex offender from new York was arrested in 2018 after missing 17 year old girl from Ohio was found in his house. During the police investigation, according to Metro, on the computer Gabrica found numerous images of sexual abuse of children.

Joseph tried to prove that his porn pictures protected by the First amendment.

«Based on all that he said and did, including bragging that he continued to paint in his cell in the County jail Kent, he obviously doesn’t think to draw the raped children is wrong. It’s not just virtual stuff, they harm real people,» said Helmer.

Gabric continued to insist on his innocence, and even compared his arrest with the Holocaust.

He told a judge he identifies as an eight year old girl

— Metro (@MetroUK) January 10, 2020

«The existence of Auschwitz had not violated the law. What you are doing here is wrong, in the same way as Auschwitz — he said to the judge. However, he said that its not sexually attracted to children. — I would have sex with a child before with a rattlesnake. It’s just dangerous.»

Judge Denefeld found Gopika guilty to three counts of sexual abuse for commercial purposes and using a computer to commit a crime.