The viral video in Snapchat eight high school students raped a student in some subject

Eight high school students in the Western part of Louisiana are accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy after video of the disturbing incident was posted on social media and quickly became viral.

The arrests are connected with the viral video, which was broadcast in the app Snapchat. On it a group of teenagers detains a student, clamp it and raped with an object. The screaming of the victim is heard on the video. According to reports, another student on another day was attacked in a similar way.

Louisiana police said that started an investigation of «illegal videos on social networks» at the request of officials from Many High School in Sabine parish, a small community on the border with Texas.

A few days after the attack, police arrested 18-year-old Michael Kerlagon and seven juveniles, whose names were not called in the police. Among the suspects several members of the school basketball team.

For the past two weeks, Many High School has cancelled at least four games, reports KTBS. The press-Secretary of the school district said they are awaiting a decision from the sports Association high school state for a final decision.

Kerlagon blamed the actions of a violent assault and kidnapping in the second degree. His alleged accomplices were arrested on several charges, including shooting pornography involving minors.

The investigation is continuing and possible additional charges.