The nurse stole and handed over the engagement ring 86-year-old ward in Lombard until she died of coronavirus

The nurse stole a wedding ring from 86-year-old resident of Denver, and has also used its credit cards just days before she died from the coronavirus, said local prosecutors.

Elizabeth Daniels (29) allegedly stole a jewel from Barbara Gast, taking a diamond ring worth $13 thousand and took it to the pawn shop while an elderly woman suffered from the disease in the centre for the elderly The Carillon at Belleview Station in Denver, Colorado, as reported in the office of the Prosecutor County of Denver.

Daniels is also charged that she was shopping with a credit card Gast April 15, the day when the elderly woman died, said the prosecutors.

The daughter of the woman told news station KDVR: «We could not contact her 4 weeks, and then we learned that she had a virus that was very difficult emotionally. Daniels should not have been allowed to vulnerable people during such a crisis, when their own family could not reach her, and the thief could».

Only when the family began to prepare for the funeral in the funeral home, they realized what happened and reported it to the police. Detectives got a warrant for the arrest of Elizabeth Daniels in the same day.

The police returned the engagement ring Gast from a pawn shop.

Daniels of Aurora, Colorado April 22, accused of theft, identity theft, providing false information to a pawnbroker and possession of illegal devices for conducting financial transactions.

Daniels was hired as a temporary employee in The Carillon at Belleview Station through the employment Agency of temporary employees due to the growing number of cases of coronavirus in the center, according to KMGH. Permanent staff could not cope with the increase in patients and they needed extra hands.

Daniels must appear at the courthouse on June 22, when it will be considered her business.