«Here, even move can not be»: the pandemic did not prevent the young people of Chicago to gather for a big party (video)

In a shocking video, showing the neglect of measures on social distancing during a pandemic coronavirus, is seen as dozens of young adult people gathered for a party in a house in Chicago. And the video shows that the house is filled so much that someone shouted «Here, even move can not.»

On a Facebook video posted by a resident of Chicago Tinkom Purcell, seen as young boys and girls ignore the recommendation to be at least 6 feet from other people to prevent the spread of the virus, according to WTTW. Tink wrote on Facebook: «I wore a mask and had antibacterial hand sanitizer, so I was right.»

Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized Saturday’s party in a tweet, calling it «reckless and wholly unacceptable». «I saw the video, which demonstrates clearly the party in the house, held in Chicago. Although most Chicago residents play a role in preventing the spread of coronavirus, careless actions like these threaten the health of the public and can reverse the progress we have achieved. We will force those responsible to be held accountable,» continued the mayor.

«The fewer people who will follow orders to stay home, the worse it will feel for residents and more difficult for us to recover», she added.

The Governor of Illinois, Jay Robert Pritzker on Sunday said that the party violated not only his order to stay home, but failed «trust their friends and family.»

The police said that they are aware of a video that has been circulating on social networks. «Although we cannot pinpoint the location of the party, we want to remind everyone about the need to comply with social distancing,» he wrote on Twitter police spokesman Luis Agostini.

The police have the power to force people to adhere to the order of the Governor to stay home, but Pritzker said he hopes that people will voluntarily stick to the rules.