The Californian got under the truck and enjoyed a 1,000 gallons of wine coming right at him

Californian allegedly climbed under a truck carrying wine and enjoyed the alcohol until the car gained speed on the highway.

Gabriel Moreno (39 years old) was driving North along Highway 99 when he slowed near the truck Cherokee Freight Lines transporting the red wine, reports the Modesto Bee.

Officer California highway patrol Thomas Olsen told the newspaper that Moreno drew the attention of the truck driver, saying that something is faulty with the car.

When the car slowed at the side of the road, according to Olsen, Moreno got out of his car and ran to the back of the truck. The driver again went on the road, while Moreno unscrewed the valve to start to drink wine, poured out of the car, said Olsen. Olsen added that the truck driver could not see, but instruments showed that the car loses weight, because he again stopped the car and found that Moreno carried them drinking wine.

Moreno «he jumped down and located under the bottom of the car and just enjoyed the wine,» explained Modesto Bee Olsen. «It was just lying there, spread wide his arms and legs, until it flowed like wine.»

According to CBS13, the DVR recorded Moreno sitting in his sedan when he drove the truck to stay on the sidelines. Then you can see how he runs to the passenger side of the car and disappears from view. Another camera shot as he climbed under the bottom of the truck, while she increased the speed on the highway.

During the incident, the truck lost about 1,000 gallons of wine.

Moreno tried to escape when he caught the driver, but upon arrival of officers, he began to cooperate. He was arrested and taken to jail on charges of vandalism and driving with invalid rights.

Moreno was released almost immediately, because the state has abolished the payment of bail for the release from prison during a pandemic coronavirus. But after a few minutes the man was arrested again. In a post on Facebook, the employees of the Sheriff’s office said that Moreno tried to steal a truck owned by a landscape company, but interfered with the employee and called the police.

As it turned out, «Moreno was upset that he was quickly released from prison, and he received not according to any standard menu sandwich,» said the Sheriff’s office. «To return to prison, where he hoped finally to enjoy the sandwich, Moreno tried to steal a truck owned by a landscape company.»

Most interesting is that car theft is also subject to temporary measures for no bail, that is, Moreno was again released from custody.