Handlebar just bought the Tesla came off right while driving

Jason Tuatara (43) was driving his brand new Tesla Model 3 a month, when on April 26, an incident occurred, which shocked him for a lifetime.

A travel agent from Blackpool, UK just finished a trip with her husband Alan miles, and, «when I was backing up into my driveway… the wheel just fell off!»

Shocked Jason tweeted to the car maker, adding a message snapshots. «The wheel fell off today! Worried that the rest of the machine will also collapse! Is it possible to know what happened with the car, which is only 1 month?» He continued: «How could that happen with Tesla, the safest car in the world?»

How can this happen to a #tesla is the safest car in the world? #StaySafe #checkyours pic.twitter.com/LCHBcwRRF4

— Jason T (@JasonTuatara) April 26, 2020

Jason and Alan took the car ordered on March 20.

«We were not able to travel on it because of the quarantine, but were still able to drive 340 miles, including the trip when the car was my nephews and nieces,» says the man, imagining what danger could imagine a poorly attached wheel.

The day of the incident, «We drove about 20 miles. Luckily, the wheel fell off at the end of the trip. He literally kept the wires in my hands. I was in shock. My husband… would not have believed if not seen with your own eyes.»

When Jason contacted Tesla, an employee of the company was surprised by what he heard. She said she never even heard of. Within 90 minutes the car was taken away, and Jason brought the Jaguar, which is 1 year in as a replacement. Jason said that he was surprised that the replacement was not the Tesla, but apparently that was all there was to the company.

His car was returned the next day with an attached wheel. «Tesla confirmed that the wheel was not attached to the machine body with the bolt, and they’re investigating that might occur in production cars,» — said the owner of the car. «The Agency of The Driving and Cecile here in the UK is also conducting its investigation.»

Tesla has not yet commented on the incident.

But Jason claims that he suffered psychological harm. «I’m getting to get back behind the wheel, and we were assured the company that it is still the safest car in Britain and this can not happen again. But my confidence was shaken because of the incident,» said the man. «I can’t afford to buy another car… Now I’m not getting money when planning the travel of people».

«I feel like I’ve failed», — he said.