Chicagoans will order beer wagons

Chicagoans will order beer wagons

Just imagine: in the summer heat you order a pint of cold beer, and it right to your table brings a small train.

This is a concept beer restaurant was invented in 2009 in the Czech town of Brno Petr Fridrich. Now the «steam delivery» will be able to experience and US residents.

«I was a collector and he collected model trains,» — said Friedrich. «And then we decided we should start to mix business with a hobby. Men are big children.»
He soon opened two pub restaurants in the Czech capital, Prague. The business is growing well, so Frederick decided to extend it to America. The next train stop — Chicago.

«We were looking for an interesting place in the United States and stopped in Chicago. There is a big German community, and quickly found a great space for rent. We are now at the final stage of conclusion of the lease,» says Peter.

Restaurant in Chicago scheduled to open in late 2017. It will have its own brewery and a new control system for model trains.
If the business here goes well, the plans of Frederick to open 30 restaurants in the United States.