In the cabin of the Southwest Airlines in-flight depressurization

On Saturday evening the passengers of the plane Southwest Airlines had to get to the destination in the oxygen masks. Salon of flight №861 depressurized during the flight from Denver to Dallas about half an hour before landing.

The technical problems began at around 21:00 and 21:40 the pilot managed to safely land the plane at the municipal airport Dallas/Love field.

All 120 passengers managed to survive the incident without injury, unless you consider the stress that some of them have experienced in connection with the incident. Besides the four of them needed medical assistance because of pain in the ears, caused by pressure drop in the cabin.

Currently, the cause of the accident has not been established.

If decompression is not happening because withstolknoveniya with a foreign object, it is usually caused by exceeding the allowable loads, when the aircraft rises to too great a height, and the covering does not withstand the load, or technical defects of air transport, which in sealed covers have cracks.

For passengers depressurization is fraught with such consequences as loss of consciousness in connection with the lack of oxygen, frostbite is not protected by clothing parts of the body and rupture of small blood vessels due to pressure drop.

People on Board the flight Southwest Airlines No. 861 was lucky that the incident occurred shortly before landing.