Keanu Reeves, whose plane made an emergency landing, went along with the passengers on the bus and entertained them (photo)

Keanu Reeves knows how to deal with an emergency situation not only on the big screen, but in real life.

At the weekend, Reeves — 54-year-old star of «John Wick» and «the Matrix» — was flying from San Francisco to Burbank (County of Los Angeles), when the plane made an emergency landing in Bakersfield.

«5223 United flight from San Francisco to Burbank on Saturday, March 23, was diverted to Bakersfield due to mechanical indications, — reads the statement of the Corporation SkyWest Airlines. — The plane landed safely, nobody was hurt.»

It was necessary to solve the question of how to bring the passenger to the destination. According to witnesses, Reeves approached the airport staff to help in organizing the trip. In the end, it was decided to get to Burbank by bus.

keanu got stranded somewhere in california and had to take a bus instead of a plane and some guy filmed the entire experience and i am BEGGING yall to watch this

— ᴄ ᴀ ᴛ (@keanusgf) March 24, 2019

«When is your flight from San Francisco makes emergency landing in a remote airport, at least you know that Keanu Reeves is the same bad day as you,» wrote one of passengers, Amir bloom.

That time when your flight out from #GDC almost crashes and you have to emergency land in a remote airport but at least Keanu Reeves is having as bad a day as you are.

— Amir Blum (Unboxed) (@CheesyJedi) March 24, 2019

As eyewitnesses told, during the bus trip Reeves funny read facts about Bakersfield his companions, and then turned on the phone YouTube to turn passengers a selection of country music, native to Bakersfield from 1950-ies.


— Ari Saperstein (@ari_saperstein) March 24, 2019

Keanu Reeves did not elaborate to reporters about the trip, but the publication Yahoo Entertainment said that all passengers were «incredibly kind and nice people».

So if you are looking for a good companion, be sure to add Keanu Reeves to your list!