The kindness of the users of social networks and the heroic efforts of 2 men helped to save the dog, who was on the verge of death

Social networks and the heroic efforts of a pair of local residents helped save a dog in distress near the Flathead river between Columbia falls and Hungry horse in Montana early Wednesday.

Brittany Meyer was driving on Highway 2 about 14:00 on Tuesday when he noticed a black spot on the shore of the island on the river lower Flathead mountains Tickets. Stopping the car to look, Brittany realized that the black spot was a dog. Call the division of animal control County of Flathead, she tried herself to find a way down to the dog, but were unable to do so.

«It was evident that the dog was weak, tired and in pain. We couldn’t just throw it out there,» said Brittany. «It was getting dark, but I felt that if we do not do something, it will end badly. I just couldn’t leave him there without trying to help.»

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So Brittany turned to help users of Facebook, asking to help save the dog while she waited for a response from the service control animals. When officers showed up, they said it was too dark to continue work, and were forced to leave the dog to suffer on the island until morning.

At the same time please girls on social networking sites spread quickly, and her post was shared more than 300 people in a few hours. That evening she was contacted by a couple of local men who eventually rescued dog.

Tony Dewindt and Jake Kirby have agreed to meet with Brittany near the river at 23:00 and quickly developed a plan to save the animal. After moving to the opposite Bank of the river, a couple of have used equipment for climbing, to descend to 100 feet on a steep slope. Once in place, they crossed the island and began the search.

After several minutes of searching they found the dog almost in the same place, where it was noticed Brittany. «We almost missed. If he hadn’t raised his head so that the light of the flashlight reflected from his eyes, we would never have seen,» said Tony. Not being able to get closer to the scared animal, Tony had to improvise. He made a trap out of rope and sticks. «At first I did not like him when I threw him a loop. But once he realized that I want to help, it has never left me.»

A young dog, a cross between a Labrador and a Rottweiler froze and suffered from some wounds, including a deep cut on the neck, on the left ear, a stab wound in the back and itching.

Tony did the only possible thing. He threw the bleeding animal on the shoulder and began to climb up. Once in the car, the dog quickly fell asleep in the warm cabin. Tony came home around 2:30 in the morning to get some sleep and first thing in the morning to take the animal to the vet.

Knowing that the vet brought his big score, Tony is still determined to help the dog. And again the County came together to help. Brittany wrote in the post that Tony will take the dog back to the vet in the morning and when he came to The Animal Clinic of Kalispell at 8 a.m., he was waiting for $175 that people donated before he got there.

By 13:00 Wednesday people had transferred already $885. If donations exceed the cost of the services of the clinic, the doctors promised to give the rest to the local shelter.

Tony said that after the dog is given medical care, he’ll take the dog, which he called the Valor themselves. Brittany admitted that she’s happy that things turned out and she is very grateful to 2 men she had never met.

«It was hard to get, especially in the dark. It’s amazing that Tony and Jake were able to reach the dog and rescue it,» she said. «Without the help of the neighborhood, none of this would be possible.»

Tony said he just did what he hopes anyone would do. «I have 2 dogs and if one of them got stuck there, I hope someone would have done what I did», he said. «It was just the right thing to do».

On Wednesday afternoon the Valor spent 2 operation and it is expected that he will fully recover and will soon go home with Tony.