Wedding dress with a deep neckline amused the social network, compared the Breasts of the bride with «empty socks»

The bride was criticized in social media for her choice of wedding attire. Dress girls compared with a variety of things, including the «slip dress».

Cruel Facebook users expressed their opinion about the wedding dress in a special group which devotes its time to shame the brides. Their eyes fell on this dress after the bride herself shared the picture, which shows it with the bridesmaids.

The person who added the photo in the group, wrote: «the Dress… the guests (or bridesmaids) in white… I Hate all this.»

The photo of the bride wearing a white dress with a deep V-neck and lace hem. She stands next to the other 4 girls who were probably her bridesmaids. To girls wearing trousers that they combined with different top, but Facebook users of their outfits are also not impressed.

Many said that the dress was «too big» for the bride, and someone even thought that she might fall out of it. «It seems that the dress literally falls down,» wrote one commenter.

Other Facebook users also did not hesitate to Express their thoughts about the dress: «Her wedding dress looks like a slip dress present, as if there must be another dress that needs to fit on top of it.» «Like the bridesmaids, but this dress is really large, Need to fit clothes to her breast does not fall,» wrote the social network users.

A BRIDE has been slammed on social media after choosing a gown that «looks like an underdress»

— Harry (@Jamess12316) December 10, 2019

«She’s one breath from having to lose the whole outfit», «What is it? Dress for $ 10 from Wish?», «In this dress her Boobs look like empty socks,» laughed the commentators.

Remaining limited epithets «awful» and recommended the bride better be trying on clothes.

What do you think about this wedding dress?