Half-naked man fell from the second floor, «when the woman’s husband came home early»

That weird moment when the man fell 20 feet from the window sill, being dressed only in underwear and socks after «the woman’s husband came home early». Funny and painful at the same time the incident was filmed on video and social media users were happy to exercise the wit in the comments to the clip.

Awesome video – made in Switzerland – begins with the fact that the man is desperate and tries to hang without falling off the window sill on the second floor. Then you can see how he tries to climb, obviously, to better grasp the window sill and to avoid, as he understands very painful and humiliating fall.

However, for a few seconds, gravity takes its toll, and the man falls to a white van parked downstairs. The man landed on located at the bottom of the car with a strong noise. While he was falling with arms at sides feet, a shocked woman, who filmed the whole incident on camera, she exclaimed «Oh my God» in German.

Landing on the white van at the bottom of his stomach, an embarrassed man rolls from the machine on the driveway below.

Officers of the Zurich Cantonal Police said that they were informed about the incident, which occurred in the city of Wallisellen. However, they refused to provide additional details regarding the incident.

Needless to say that thousands of people who have watched this clip on the social network Twitter, he offered his version of what happened. User of the social network RossMac posted a video with the caption: «the woman’s Husband came home early» then the man with the nickname Lovewill added: «If you can’t fight… don’t mess with a married woman.» Catwoman said: «Tomorrow my husband will be surprised to see 2 dents on the van and will think about where they came from». And Charlie Graham joked: «His underwear is a dark shade of brown after this».