New challenge: young mothers off the reaction of hungry babies on their Breasts

This is a new trend that is becoming more popular in the social network.

Mom’s TikTok enthusiastic about the recent challenges the social network, which suggests that women show a bust of his young children, whom they still breast-feed, and filmed their reaction.

A new challenge was called #DropEmOutChallenge and mother-Joker upload your video to the song Wheeler Walker, Jr., Drop ‘Em Out that sounds in the background. Music in country style is particularly well suited for this game. «Throw them, let me see,» like that is sung in country songs 2015.

Society has sunk to a new level of stupidity. I thought this occurred after people started throwing slices of cheese on babies and pets, but clearly, we found a new low.

— Sarah Johnson (@SarahJohnsonPR) May 7, 2020

This is not visible in the video, but obviously behind the camera, young mother, will show a bust of their hungry children that they still breast-feed, removing the camera their instant enthusiasm. Among the stunning reactions of children seen as one baby begins to smile widely, seeing the promise of food. Hungry boy immediately went to the feeding place, clapping her hands in anticipation of the feast.


She had the same reaction my husband did 🤣🍼 #dropemout #fyp #foryoupage #babiesoftiktok #challenge

♬ Drop ‘Em Out — Wheeler Walker, Jr.

«She had the same reaction that my husband,» writes another participant of the social network @housemama when her daughter fell face forward on her chest. Another adorable baby was just the one who went, when I reached out to mommy. Some children start to lick, knowing what awaits them food after this «discovery».


#fyp #foryou #toddler #dropemout #tittychallange

♬ Drop ‘Em Out — Wheeler Walker, Jr.


Drop ‘Em Out ( • ) ( • ) 😂 #dropemout #dropemoutchallenge #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #letmeseethem

♬ Drop ‘Em Out — Wheeler Walker, Jr.


He does this every time 🙄😂😭 #normalizebreasfteeding #foryoupage #fypg #dropemout #dropemoutchallenge

♬ Drop ‘Em Out — Wheeler Walker, Jr.


She licked her lips 😂😂😂#dropemoutchallenge #baby #breastfed #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #thatredheadbaby #cute #cutebaby

♬ Drop ‘Em Out — Wheeler Walker, Jr.

As it turned out, mom wasn’t the only one to show relatives a little more than usual. In a similar challenge adult users are Nude in front of his mate and shoot their reaction. This chelledzh also went viral recently. Agree, it’s a lot more fun challenges in which people have to urinate in his pants, removing itself on video. It is much nicer to look at the reaction of these babies in the challenge #DropEmOutChallenge.