Today in the sky will rise «flower moon» — the last SUPERLINE 2020

Today in the sky will be visible to the «flower moon» — the last SUPERLINE 2020.

This is the third SUPERLINE since the beginning of the year. And although experts say that it will not be as bright as the previous two, the moon will still look for 6% more than a normal full moon.

Here is what Dr. Greg brown, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory of great Britain:

«The orbit of the moon around the Earth is not quite round, is a slightly flattened circle, or ellipse. Therefore, it is sometimes closer and sometimes further from the Earth. Supermoon we call the time when the full moon coincides with the Moon being on the point of the orbit that is closest to the Earth.»

This is the last superlon this year, so if you miss it, the next one will have to wait until April 2021.

The «flower» full moon is called the American Indians, because it appears, when the plants begin to bloom.

«The tribes of American Indians in the northeast USA called it the Flower Moon,» — noted in NASA.

The full moon lasts from Tuesday evening to Friday morning. Bad news for werewolves.