Inverter Tom Stayer has launched a 10 million campaign for the impeachment of Donald trump

Inverter Tom Stayer has launched a 10 million campaign for the impeachment of Donald trump

In the United States launched a massive and costly campaign to collect signatures for the impeachment of Donald trump. Its creation was initiated by Tom Stayer — billionaire-investor and philanthropist, well-known liberal activist, environmentalist and sponsor of the democratic party.

Before starting the promotion of their ideas on national television, Stayer has dispatched letters with the requirement «to take measures against threat President» of the 50 governors and thousands of mayors 2. In an open letter that he also posted on his website NeedToImpeach, Stayer calls urgently to stop trump, positioning it as a threat to national security and accused of lying about relations with Russia, unconstitutional calls to reduce the freedoms of speech and press.

Their main ideas and arguments of the Stayer expressed in the video message with a duration of 1 minute.

«Donald trump has driven us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, took money from foreign governments and threatened to close a news Agency because they shed light on the truth — if it is not a reason for impeachment, then what?» — asks the activist, calling the commander in chief of the «direct and explicit threat».

The respective rollers running on national cable channels and broadcast stations in California and new York. As reported by CNN, citing an assistant Stayer, is planned to spend about $ 10 million.

Press Secretary of the Republican national Committee criticized the actions of the patron, assuming that his arguments are not according to the majority of Americans.

«Republicans will continue to focus on the issues that interest voters such as the economy and tax cuts for the middle class,» said Michael Arens.

Note that while the US economy is really a marked increase, and the unemployment rate dropping, Americans are showing increasing dissatisfaction with the President, as evidenced by recent polls. According to research from Gallup,Rasmussen, and SurveyMonkey, the President supports on average 38.6% of the population, whereas it acts against 56.6%.

Campaign Stayer — this is not the first efforts aimed at the resignation of the incumbent President, though one of the most ambitious. Over the past six months, the US has launched a number of similar initiatives, and several members of Congress, including Brad Sherman and al green have prepared different variants of the articles of impeachment document, which is the first step on the path to early retirement.

Most of the opponents of Donald trump accused him of obstruction-initiated investigation against him (implying the dismissal of FBI Director James Komi Republic) — under current law, this is grounds for impeachment.

Donald trump may be removed from office only in the event, by the vote of 50% of the members of the house of representatives and 2/3 of the members of the Senate.



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  1. I hope this note finds it way to you ! Many people are addressing many issues in regards to the domino effect of his behavior. Yes they are extremely important , however concentrating on the root is the key. Thank-you for that !
    Cutting the root of this evil, the branches will not have the strength to sustain ! If all this red tape is going to prolong the impeachment, then we need to at the very least sanction, or restrict him from his executive duties now. He certainly should qualify , and with powerful and creative minds of integrity such as yourself we can accomplish this sooner than later !

    We Thank-you for being a hero in fighting this war right here at home.

  2. The above note is in regards to Tom Stayer’s approach to an on going battle with Trump and his tactics !

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