Trump: «I’m the only one who matters»

Trump: «I’m the only one who matters»

On Thursday evening in a Fox News interview on the question of Laura Ingraham, not worried about whether the President is the fact that in the state Department too few supporters trump, able to lobby for his ideas, the US President replied as follows: «I was the only person who really matters.»

Ingraham said: «Other administrations, including Reagan, often questioned the chosen leader of course. There is a feeling that the state Department casts doubt on your policy.» Trump replied,»We don’t need all the people they want to appoint. Don’t forget that I’m a businessman. If there is no need to fill the chair, nobody assign. <…> We don’t need all these people, it’s called saving«.

Trump also accused Democrats that they hindered the promotion of its candidates in the Senate controlled by the Republicans.

For several months, the administration trump has been criticized due to the reduction of the budget of the state Department. The President argues that the size of some Federal agencies are «too big».

As of last month, trump chose people about a quarter of the necessary positions that require Senate confirmation.

Interview of the President was preceded by his trip to Asia, including South Korea and China. Recall that trump was never appointed Ambassador to South Korea.