In November, California will decide on the division into three States

In November 2018, California residents will take part in the vote for the division of the state into three: California, Northern and southern California. This has made the initiative called «Cal 3».

This time to divide California into three parts suggested by the representative of venture capital Tim Draper (Tim Draper). They launched the campaign «Cal 3» received 402 468 signatures in support — much more than is required by the laws of the state.

June 28, Secretary of the state of California Alex Padilla will hold all the necessary procedures to enable this question to the list of those voting on 6 November. The idea of Draper is that splitting California into three States will assist communities and regions to better solve their immediate problems.

The initiative was met with a barrage of criticism. The defenders of the integrity of California believe that the division of the state could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

If they vote for separation, the final decision will be taken in Congress.

Constitutional lawyer and Professor Jonathan Turley told CNNthat it’s unlikely to happen: «Democrats believe California unified Golden Empire, it would be difficult to take it as three Golden Empire.»

Isotria division has a political subtext, after all, three new senators , instead of one — what can make me nervous as Republicans and Democrats.

On the one hand, the proponents of separation argue that California will become more influential in the Federal government and will receive more seats in the U.S. Senate. But the April analysis by CNN showed that even if the state will be divided into three, it would still be underrepresented in the Senate compared to the rest.

This is the second attempt of the division’s most populous state, proposed by Draper. In 2014, he put forward the idea to split California into six States, but has not received the required number of signatures. Last year also ended in failure, the campaign Calexitpromote Louis Marinelli (Louis Marinelli).