Melania trump turned to the Secret service because of a tweet Peter Funds

US first lady Melania trump had to contact the Secret service after actor Peter Fonda (Peter Fonda) wrote in his Twitter message with threats to her son Barron.

«We need to take son Barron his mother and put him in a cell with pedophiles, and then see if she will speak against the guy that is her husband,» wrote Peter Fonda. He was followed by several offensive attacks against women Administration trump.

«His message is sick and irresponsible,» — said the Director for public relations first lady Stephanie Grisham (Grisham Stephanie).

This message has been removed. However, thanks to this tweet, the public learned about the position Melania trump’s policy of «zero tolerance.»

«Mrs. trump hated the fact that children separated from their families. She hoped that both sides can finally come together and to have a successful immigration reform — said Grisham The Hill on Sunday. — She believes that America should be a country that is governed not only by laws but also by the heart.»

The message of the actor discussed the new policy of «zero tolerance» trump administration, which resulted in mass arrests of immigrants and the separation of immigrant children from their parents. All former US first lady — Rosalynn Carter (Rosalynn Carter), Laura Bush (Laura Bush), Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) and Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama) — has spoken out against the immigration policy of the administration trump.