Today Ruth Badarg Ginzburg — 86. We have some interesting facts about her

A fighter for equality, an unrivalled orator, the second woman on the Supreme court and the only one of its kind — today the stunning Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 86th birthday. On occasion, we have some interesting facts about the legendary Brooklyn native.

Today Ruth Badarg Ginzburg — 86. We have some interesting facts about herflickr/cc/wflulawschoolОна went to the same school as Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer

Talking about James Madison High School in Midwood. Say at once, all three of them studied there at different times — so to learn that RBG wrote in the Yearbook Sanders, alas, will not work.

By the way, few people attitude towards learning this responsibility, which did Ruth — and all thanks to his mother. Celia Ginsburg failed to get an education and that is why she carefully watched her daughter went the other way. Efforts paid off: Ruth graduated from Columbus Law School first in her class.

She has two children and four grandchildren

RBG and her husband, a tax lawyer Martin Ginsburg, met while studying at Cornell University. They married in 1954, together, they went to Harvard and were married for 56 wonderful years. The couple had two children: Jane and James.

In an interview with the Atlantic the trial judge said that he believes the secret of his success daughter, who was only 14 months at the time of admission Ruth to Harvard.

«I was walking to class at 8:30 a.m. and returned home at 16:00. Then there was the «baby time» and lasted until Jane had to go to bed. recalled RBG — This allowed me to take a breath, and then I would sit down again for the books. Every aspect of my life helped to rest from the other.»

Today Ruth Badarg Ginzburg — 86. We have some interesting facts about hershutterstockОна like no other fought for the rights of women

Ruth faced discrimination all my life. In College, the future judge because of her sex, refused to take seriously — and even after leaving the University better than any of his classmates-men Ginsburg could not find a job.

In 1972, she became a co-founder of the Women’s Rights Project at the ACLU, the legendary organization that protects the rights of women. As Director, Ruth has won five trials.

She has a personal trainer

The judge likes to joke that the most important person in her life — coach Bryant Johnson. In 2018, when Ruth removed the cancer, they with Johnson returned to training the day after discharge from the hospital.

Today Ruth Badarg Ginzburg — 86. We have some interesting facts about hershutterstockОна several times fell asleep on the «Handling of the situation in the country»

The judge has repeatedly observed sleeping during the President’s speech. Come on, who does not happen.

By the way, when Ruth asked about the “appeal” Obama in 2015 year, she answered quite honestly that was not quite sober, and admitted that before the beginning of the speech, the judges have to drink at lunch some wine.

Bonus: why is it called «notorious RBG»?

The answer is extremely simple. In 2013, Tumblr has a blog called «Scandalous RBG-known» (Notorious RBG) is the nickname immediately caught on. Today it is literally everywhere: on t-shirts, memes, and even the cover of the book on Ginsburg — the second one of which, by the way, is the Creator of Tumblr.