After the death of Barbara Bush became known that she accused trump of his «heart attack»

Barbara Bush accused Donald trump moved into her «heart attack» after he mercilessly ridiculed her son Jeb.

This is stated in a new book about the former first lady. The book will be released April 2.

Susan page, Washington Bureau chief of USA Today, interviewed the wife of the former President, the late George H. W. Bush in the last six months of her life and wrote a book: «the Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the creation of an American dynasty» (The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty).

After the death of Barbara Bush became known that she accused trump of his «heart attack»After the death of Barbara Bush became known that she accused trump of his «heart attack»Barbara Bush. Source: Flickr

«Technically it was not a heart attack, although she had called him, writes Paige. — It was a crisis in her long struggle with heart failure and chronic lung disease. The crisis, which intensified in 2016. Then, during the presidential campaign, Donald trump ridiculed her son Jeb» (ex-Governor of Florida, younger brother of former President George W. Bush).

According to Barbara Bush, Jeb encouraged the mother to focus on yourself, your health and believe in the country.

«Jeb said, «Mom, don’t worry about things you cannot change. He was right. You just need to do good, to make someone’s life better» — quoted in the book the words of the former first lady.

In October of 2017 Barbara Bush told the journalist that considers himself a Republican, and four months later said, «I guess today, I take those words back.»

According to the journalist, a negative opinion about Donald trump Barbara Bush has been a long time. In 1990, she wrote in her diary that trump is «a true symbol of the greed of the 80s».

Barbara Bush admitted: it remains a mystery why people voted for trump.

«I woke up and found out to my horror that trump won.»

After the election trump, one of my friends gave the former first lady watch «countdown» in the colors of the American flag. Watch showed, how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until the end of the presidential term trump.

Barbara Bush set the clock on my Desk, where they remained until the day of her death.