Supporters of trump in London have barricaded themselves in the pub because of the protests against the visit of US President

A small group of supporters trump was forced to take refuge in a London bar, when crowds protesting against the visit of US President to the UK flooded the city.

The video, filmed by a reporter for the is on the scene, visible to the officers, who surrounded the men in red caps MAGA «Make America Great Again» («Make America great again»).

London cops herded a small group of Trump supporters into a Trafalgar Square pub Tuesday after they were surrounded by demonstrators chanting «Nazi scum off our streets.

— JW Branding (@JW_Branding) June 4, 2019

When an angry crowd shouted: «Nazi scum off our streets!», police pushed supporters of the American leader to the pub «Lord Moon of the Mall» on Whitehall Street.

The protests began today, June 4, at 11 o’clock in the morning, once in Trafalgar square there gathered several thousand people.

One of the participants, 71-year-old Douglas gray told that can’t stand Donald trump because «he’s the idiot who can’t string a sentence together».

In turn, those who came in support of the President of the United States, claim that came out to defend the freedom of speech.

«As President, he has the right to be here, said Independent 22-year-old former soldier, who introduced himself as John. — It is a question of freedom of speech. These protestors are not Democrats».

According to the Independent, one person was arrested during the protests.

Ahead of his visit to London, the trump called the mayor Sadiq Khan «twin De Blasio, only shorter».