Can America become an autocracy?

Can America become an autocracy?

Like any other state, the United States of America tends to expand its empowerment and involvement in the lives of their citizens. If this is not resisted, then the country can easily turn into an autocracy. It implies the unlimited power of one person. At the moment, the US is trying to influence public opinion by restricting freedom of speech on the Internet for the past 5 years. To do this, the state uses a maximum of tools, including private corporations, intelligence agencies and influential people. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

Will the US turn into an autocracy?

And what does Elon Musk have to do with it?

Is the US following the path of autocracy? Can America become an autocracy?

Ever since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, he has been actively fighting for freedom of speech in America. For this, he was repeatedly attacked by pro-government organizations and democrats. In response, Musk decided to expose the former leadership of the social network, publishing evidence that since 2017, it has been under huge pressure from the Democratic Party and censored everything it was told to do.

For example, Elon said that at the request of the Democratic Party, the profile of Donald Trump was banned; Twitter users no longer have access to content related to the Republicans; information about those who criticized the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election went straight to the FBI; Democrats demanded that Twitter censors find evidence that bots from Russia influenced Trump's victory in 2016; The Pentagon did not allow blocking those who openly violated the rules of the social network; with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Twitter banned anti-vaxxers, objectionable doctors and users who talked about the earnings of pharmaceutical companies; and at the suggestion of the administration of the current US president, they began to hide tweets criticizing quarantine and vaccination.

More than 70% of Americans supported Elon Musk when he called on Congress to conduct a massive investigation into the connection of the former leadership of Twitter with the Democratic Party, the FBI, intelligence agencies, corporations and pharmacists in the censorship case. Musk has spoken out against anyone who tries to control public opinion and continues to fight for freedom of speech in America.

Can America become an autocracy?

At the same time, fair trials, democracy and change of power still remain in the United States, despite the myriad attempts to change this over the past 20 years. Autocracies will have a hard time in what is one of the oldest countries in existence. While other states faced disintegration, unification and revolutions, in the States everything was stable due to the lack of a comprehensive state expansion.

To do their job, it is important for politicians to constantly strengthen their structures and receive more funds from the budget, which are formed from the taxes of ordinary citizens. For example, the head of the FBI needs more agents to expand, and therefore financial assistance, which hits the Americans. Will they be happy with it? Of course not. At one time, the very creation of the FBI was difficult, because US citizens were against the creation of new state organizations.

Consider, for example, the criminal John Dillinger. He robbed banks all over America and the police could not do anything about it, because they did not have the right to look for him in another state with a different jurisdiction. Laws could vary greatly from state to state. And only thanks to the reforms adopted by the FBI, Dillinger was finally caught.

Can America become an autocracy?

The expansion of the state occurs in all countries, not only because politicians want it, but also because there is a need for it. This leads to close cooperation between the state and business. In the States, lobbying of interests is not prohibited — private companies easily pay for the opinion of an official on a particular issue for their own benefit. But no matter how hard the state, party or individual tries to expand their influence, it will be extremely difficult to get absolute power. Because the US has a system of checks and balances. It is observed in fact, and not just spelled out in the Constitution.

The branches of government do not depend on each other. For example, the court can safely make a decision that neither Congress nor the President will like. During the year 2022 alone, this could be observed more than once. In addition, the parameters at all levels are constantly changing, which are difficult to keep track of. Every 4 years citizens elect a head of state, every 2 years elections to the Congress are held. The House of Representatives is renewed completely, the Senate by a third and for a period of 6 years. Elections for governor, lieutenant governor, mayor, attorney general, etc. are taking place locally. There is too much bureaucracy and nuances, but they make sense.

It seems that autocracy does not threaten the United States and thanks for that you can tell the founding fathers. More than 240 years have passed since the creation of the States, but they are still the largest democracy with the oldest constitution in the world to boot. The founders of America came up with a system that cannot be broken. How broadly they thought and looked into the future! Every 10 years the world changes, at least due to technological advances, but the political system in the United States remains unchanged. Isn't it cool?

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