Mysterious and mysterious places in the USA

Mysterious and mysterious places in the USA

In any country, you can certainly find mysterious and mysterious anomalies that humanity constantly trying to give all sorts of explanations. There are many such places in the United States of America as well. Here are five of the most famous, some of whose names already speak of the presence of otherworldly forces.

Devil's Ring Mysterious and mysterious places in the USAIn the highlands of Pennsylvania near the Delaware River, there is an area called the Devil's Ring, as well as the Stone Garden or the Ringing Rocks. From time to time, the rocks really begin to "sing", terrifying impressionable tourists. The range of sounds is extensive, in them one can hear both the ringing of bells, and the trumpet voice of the Apocalypse, and a wild howl. Even if the rocks are silent, in this place a person is seized with panic. Nowhere else on the planet has a similar anomaly been recorded. Scientists could not come to a consensus about the nature of this phenomenon. They only stated that both small cobblestones and huge blocks of many tons can sound in this place.

The tops of the Ringing Rocks have a red-brown color, which contrasts sharply with the neighboring mountains, although no differences in composition and mineral content have been identified. Another feature of the Devil's Ring is a completely bare plateau of 28 square meters. meters, where there are no, even the most primitive forms of life. An uncontrollable fear inevitably arises on this site. Surprisingly, the lifeless zone is surrounded by forest and various dense vegetation.

Death Valley Mysterious and mysterious places in the USA

The mystical zone with such an ominous name is located in California in the Mojave Desert and is a narrow long plain surrounded on all sides by high mountains and sheer cliffs. This section of the desert looks so that an impressionable person immediately becomes uneasy. Even the observation deck in the mountains was named "Dante's view". From it you can see a sultry haze hanging above the ground. There is also a huge, almost dry lake with a bed of crystalline salt, called "Foul Water". You can walk on the salt surface as if on ice, but it is extremely dangerous.

During the "gold rush" in this harsh, inhospitable area, many settlements of prospectors arose. However, the expectations of the gold miners did not come true, and the villages began to empty rapidly. Since then, they have been abandoned, giving the already creepy place even more sinister flavor. They say that you can see ghosts there.

Geological faults of the tectonic plates of the earth's crust occurred constantly in the Valley of Death, and these processes continue at the present time. Because of this, the lowland, which is located 86 meters below sea level, is constantly deepening. It is the hottest and driest place in the Western Hemisphere. The temperature there can exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

An interesting natural phenomenon is observed in the valley. Scientists despaired of giving him a rational explanation. Numerous boulders scattered on the surface of the plateau can spontaneously move, leaving traces in the form of furrows. No hypothesis is able to shed light on the mysterious travel of stones. It is not surprising that mystics show great interest in the mysterious phenomenon. They announced that the wandering boulders are the result of the activity of some otherworldly entities.

Road to nowhere Mysterious and mysterious places in the USAA deserted stretch of road 15 kilometers long, ending in a dead end, is notorious among the residents of Albuquerque, in the state of New Mexico. The freeway leads to the San Matteo mountain range and was built for tourism purposes, especially for lovers of wildlife and desert landscapes. Periodically, people disappear here without a trace, and together with cars, as if dissolving in the air. The road has no branches, the whole area is visible at a glance. However, not a single search operation has led to any results. The version about criminal gangs operating on the road was not confirmed. "Road to nowhere" began to be perceived as a land analogue of the Bermuda Triangle.

Devil's Tower

In the state of Wyoming, in the middle of a smooth plain, a gigantic basalt pillar of impeccable shape rises. Its height is 386 meters. Climbers from all over the world come here, but almost no one succeeds in conquering the gloomy rock. It is difficult to climb there, but to go down is even more difficult and incredibly risky, since the impregnable height has steep edges. In 1906, the peak acquired the status of a National Monument, and the area around it became a National Park. The Indians, the indigenous people, believe that a supernatural evil force lives on top of the Devil's Tower, striking with lightning anyone who dares to disturb it. It is the correct shape of the basalt slab that suggests that someone else, besides nature, worked on it.

Ufologists have put forward a hypothesis that the Devil's Tower is used by extraterrestrial civilizations as a landing pad for alien aircraft. So they tried to explain the possible cause of the light anomalies that were recorded here. Famed director Steven Spielberg, inspired by this theory, made the film "Close Encounters of the Third Level", in which an unidentified flying object lands on this very peak.

Devil's Canyon Mysterious and mysterious places in the USA

In the middle of the Arizona desert is another "devilish" place. This is a giant round funnel 180 meters deep and 1200 meters in diameter, the edges of which form a shaft rising 46 meters above the plain. The "Devil Canyon", as it was nicknamed, was formed about 50,000 years ago as a result of a collision with the Earth and the explosion of a meteorite. Indians living in Arizona often found meteorite fragments. Those who brought them into their homes, in a fatal and incomprehensible way, soon fell ill and died. Superstitious people considered this the intrigues of the enemy of the human race.

The Arizona crater is very reminiscent of the lunar landscape, so American astronauts underwent part of their training before flying to the moon exactly there. The anomaly of the zone is manifested in UFOs periodically hovering over it and inexplicable mysterious glows.

Perhaps in the future, scientists will be able to unravel the mysteries of paranormal zones, but for now, their existence and ongoing mysterious phenomena give rise to fantasies for mystically minded lovers of the inexplicable.