Why did Trump’s trial benefit him?

Why did Trump's trial benefit him?

Not long ago, the former US President was accused of falsification in order to hide a large sum of money that he once paid to a famous porn actress for silence about her relationship with him. This expired news was happily dug up by the Democrats, deciding to spoil the reputation of Donald Trump and pull some votes away from his candidacy on the eve of the presidential election.

The court found him guilty of all 34 counts for which he "shines" 136 years in prison. Trump, of course, will not serve his sentence. He is in full swing preparing an appeal for the Supreme Court, where the majority of judges are Republicans, which could help the ex-president. At the same time, the case is taking place in democratic New York, where local businessmen and politicians have never been tried under similar charges. And there are a lot of them there. As a result, the Democrats have achieved nothing so far. In contrast, within three days of the verdict, $200 million was donated to the Trump campaign, which is 4 times more than Joe Biden's April campaign.

Why did Trump's trial benefit him?Why did Trump's trial benefit him?photo: variety.com

Moreover, after the verdict, even more people went over to Donald Trump’s side, understanding that the trial is only a way to remove the former president from the elections and deprive him of votes. He is also supported because, as president, he fulfilled all his campaign promises: he reduced the number of illegal immigrants by starting to build a wall on the border with Mexico, limited the powers of the CIA and government service budgets, cut taxes, supported the middle class and business.

Trump plans to cut taxes even more (up to 15% versus 28% current), which will greatly help American entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens. In addition, he wants to create ten new cities on federal lands. Considering that the existing ones were built back in the 20th century and are very different from the new, modern ones. Suffice it to recall the New York subway with its dirt, rats, worn-out walls and floors. So it is not surprising that many Americans are waiting for November 5th to cast their vote for Trump and forget the Biden administration like a bad dream.

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