Thousands of new Yorkers wish to change their place of residence

One third of the inhabitants of the Big Apple want to leave the city. The figures obtained by the Agency real estate Redfin. After all, to know where the Americans and particularly new Yorkers want to live, you just need to check their search history.

According to the Agency study, nearly 34% of registered users on the site of the new York sought shelter far outside your city. Most of them are interested in homes in Boston, which is the eternal rival of the Big Apple, as well as in Miami and Atlanta.

By the way, this phenomenon is nationwide. Because of rising prices in major cities, many are beginning to turn their attention to the secondary housing in cheaper areas. So, inhabitants of San Francisco were most interested in the housing proposals in a little more accessible Sacramento (CA), users of the Denver — Colorado springs (Colorado), in Seattle in the Top was less expensive areas of Los Angeles, while the seat looked for housing in San Diego (CA), and Washington often hammered in the search engine Philadelphia.

In Redfin noted that similar search queries do not reflect the actual situation in the market of home buying or percentage moves, and are just one of the main indicators of the fact that all investigators, perhaps in the near future will change their place of residence. So, as an example, the Agency pointed to the following statistics: in 2015, living in the Bay area of San Francisco, actively looked for houses outside of the metropolis, and already in 2016 census pointed to the growing Exodus from the city.

In the winter we also covered the issue of mass relocation of new Yorkers to the suburbs.