Tenant pushed the owner of the house from the stairs, arguing over payment: the man died

Tenant pushed the owner of the house in new York with the main staircase of the building on Sunday so badly that the man later died.

According to police, the homeowner – 71-year-old Edgar Moncayo — was trying to collect rent on Sunday on 102nd Street in Corona (Queens), when 22-year-old tenant Alex Garces pushed him down the stairs.

The grandson of the deceased, 20-year-old Nicholas Jativa, told the Post that the Moncayo was declared dead Monday in the hospital. The doctors pronounced him brain dead due to severe traumatic brain injury.

«My grandmother was not at home when it happened, she returned home and called her neighbor, telling about the incident, said a grieving grandson. — As soon as she saw my grandfather, she just fell to her knees and wept. I didn’t believe it until I watched the video from surveillance cameras, it’s horrible.»

The tenant initially told police that the fall Moncayo was an accident, but the family of the landlord reviewed the video from the camera installed on the door.

In the video, the tenant pushes the master of the house down the stairs, and the man hits his head on the concrete.

Edgar Moncayo lived in the basement of the building with his wife, and the suspect, who has not paid rent for last month, rented the first floor of the house.

According to the grandson of the deceased, since moving of the tenant in the last month there was a problem. He moved with his civil wife and child, although said it would be to live alone.

«The baby was crying all night, said Nicholas Jativa. My grandmother heard him crying, went upstairs, and said, «You guys leave the child unattended? He’s not supposed to cry a lot».

According to Nicholas, the family still can not recover from grief after the death of his grandfather.