Protest against repeal of DACA in new York: 12 arrested

Protest against repeal of DACA in new York: 12 arrested

Today across the country held protests against the cancellation of the DACA program. Her supporters took to the streets of Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, South Carolina and other cities. New York was no exception.

Dozens of protesters came to the Trump Tower in Manhattanto demonstrate their opposition to disloyal attitude of the President towards immigrants. As reported abc7ny, the strikers sat down in the middle of Fifth Avenue and didn’t want to go to another location at the request of the police. After that, the officers arrested all who refused to obey the order. The NYPD confirmed that 12 people were taken to the police station in connection with administrative violation.

Demonstrators preparing for civil disobedience and mass arrests outside the #Trump Tower in New York City during #DACA announcement.

— N. J. Burkett (@njburkett7) September 5, 2017

«Protesters prepare for civil disobedience and mass arrests near #Trump Tower in new York at the time of making a decision on #DACA.».

Many immigrants don’t know how their life emerge, if the program is still canceled. 23-year-old Evelyn Salgado, who came from Mexico 13 years ago, fears of losing your job, your house and driver’s license.

«It seems that my life is falling apart on me,» said Salgado, who last year graduated from Muraski state University in Kentucky. «My hopes, my dreams. My aspirations. Everything my parents worked so hard, we don’t know what it’s all going to happen,» she said.

Recall that today, September 5, trump could cancel the program protecting illegal immigrants, giving Congress six months to develop alternative solutions to the problems.