Russian woman to extort money from ex-Governor of new York, is ready to plead guilty

Russian woman to extort money from ex-Governor of new York, is ready to plead guilty

Travis Svetlana Zakharova, which is accused of extorting large sums from Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor of the state of new York, prepared to make a deal pleato have her deported from the United States. This became known on Wednesday, after the next court session on its business.

The story began in February of 2016, when Travis Zakharova went to court, accusing Spitzer that during the outbreak of a quarrel between them he began to choke him. It happened behind the closed doors of one of the luxury rooms of the famous new York Plaza hotel.

Russian woman to extort money from ex-Governor of new York, is ready to plead guilty

Soon Svetlana flew to Russia, and when, after eight months returned to the United States, all turned on its head: it declared a suspect in the extortion and blackmail the ex-Governor, and detained with the right to bail of $1 million.

According to the version of Eliot Spitzer, Travis-Zakharov demanded from him $400,000 in exchange for maintaining the secrecy of information about their meetings, periodically occurring from 2014 to 2016.

“During these two years [Spitzer] was forced on a regular basis to pay the Respondent $3,000 to $50,000,” said attorney Thomas Boyle.

Worth pointing out that, apparently, some media (e.g., CBS New York) have detailed information on occupation Svetlana, because call it “high-priced call girl”.

It is impossible not to remember that because of the frequent meetings with representatives of the Spitzer escort service was a big scandal, in which he had to retire early.

Now 26-year-old Travis Zakharova is most afraid of deportation, the probability of which is quite high.

The administration trump put a lot of effort in against immigrants, undocumented and convicted of crimes of any severity, addressed the issue of forced removal from the United States.

One way for Svetlana to this rather difficult situation is the conclusion of a deal with prosecutors about a recognition of guilt.

What is its essence? In order to expedite the proceedings, parties to the prosecution and defence agreement on the resolution of the case – the so-called a plea of guilt.

Most often such transaction provides that the accused admits his guilt in committing a less serious crime (or not on all counts of the indictment), the Prosecutor refuses the charges in more serious crime.

In the case of Svetlana serious crime, of course, is the extortion of money from Spitzer, and as less serious, apparently, can be considered a case of fraud.

Travis-she is accused of forging the signature of Paul Nippes, the owner of the toy store Kidding Around in Manhattan also her former lover.

By signing instead, the documents for renting the two apartments, Svetlana presented it as a guarantorbecause she had a bad credit history.

A businessman found out about it when the landlords decided to evict Travis-Zakharov from her apartment. The reason for this was the observation of a Manager of a brokerage company Sierra Residential that at a certain time, different men one after another come to her «visit», and the duration of such meetings is around hours.

At the hearing, held on Wednesday, Joseph Murray, attorney Travis-Zakharova, made it clear to attorney Charles Solomon: the transaction is possible only under the guaranteethat his client will remain in the country.

But the Prosecutor was skeptical, skeptical. Will it change your decision will become known on October 30, when the next hearing in this case.


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  1. This article contains false and defamatory information about my client. Please retract it immediately and contact me for more accurate facts.
    Joe Murray
    Attorney for Ms. Travis

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