Automobile Association warned of the attack the deadliest period on the roads

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The American automobile Association has dubbed the period between memorial Day and labor Day «a hundred deadliest days.» In the new study, the organization found that at this time there is a surge of accidents with lethal consequences.

After analyzing the statistics of road accidents, the automobile Association found that the overwhelming majority of fatal traffic incidents involving teen drivers. In the summer months, inexperienced drivers aged 16-17 years are killed in road accidents three times more often than adults.

However, over the past year the number of young victims of fatal accidents increased by more than 10%.

Three main causes of such accidents:

  • distraction behind the wheel (in particular, the use of mobile phone and other forms of interaction with smart devices);
  • ignoring seat belts.
  • speeding.

To stop a dangerous trend, AAA urges parents of Teens to take a more active part in their lives and often hold discussions concerning safety rules for driving and consequences of their violation.

The organization has developed for young motorists and their parents, special learning tools and initiated the StartSmart program designed to reduce adolescent mortality and to maintain safety on the roads.