Subway entrance new York city turned into Apple stores (video)

Subway entrance new York city turned into Apple stores (video)

Residents of the Big Apple can be blamed for the lack of a sense of humor. Summer community Improv Everywhere turned a subway station into a real Spa. In autumn it is the turn to the entrance to the subway on time to change the signature Apple store.

Shop the comedians turned out just great. It had all the attributes of a popular brand – the Apple above the entrance, the consultants in the blue shirt and most importantly – a long queue in which people were standing to buy almost legendary X iPhone.

The station, which survived the transformation of all life, is located on the corner of East 23rd Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan. From the plausibility of the venture is breathtaking. No less than 50 fake clients, settled along the sidewalk, who is standing, who is sitting, simulating the agonizing wait for a coveted purchase. Fake employees stood near the entrance to the station and greeted those who came down to the trains or out.

Of course, the action drew the attention of the audience, who said that the hype is timed to the opening of the new Apple Store at the metro station, as in the famous store on Fifth Avenue is now being renovated (which, by the way, though).

Bogus consultants even tried to convince people to join the queue to get the iPhone X, and in some cases it is even possible.

In fact, no pre-sales were not. The official release of the iPhone X will take place this Friday. Fans of Apple gadgets are already beginning to storm the stores around the world, to be able to purchase the device first.

Improv Everywhere, the organization behind the lottery is a community of komediantov new York. The team was established in August 2001 Charlie Todd. Its activities are intended to surprise random strangers through positive pranks such as the fake Apple Store.