The funeral shot in Texas family has come 3 thousand people

The funeral shot in Texas family has come 3 thousand people

Today was held the funeral just three generations of one family – 10 days after the brutal mass shooting that occurred in the tiny Texas town of Sutherland springs.

Church member John Holcomb was one of the few who managed to survive that tragic day on 5 November. Despite his so-called luck, he had to pass through a terrible trial, to bury 9 of her family.

Victims of Texas arrow became his wife, Crystal (36), and her three children, Greg (13) Emily (11) and Megan (9); his parents, Brian (60) and Carl Holcomb (58); brother mark (36) and his 18-month-old daughter Noah.

Posted by John Holcombe on Saturday, August 10, 2013

Despite the fact that Crystal Holcomb was on the small pregnancy, according to the law of the state of Texas her unborn child, named Carlin bright Holcomb, is also considered a victim.

As it became known, at the time the shooting started John Holcomb was engaged in the set up audio and video for the service in the back of the building that helped him to get away with light injuries. 7-year-old daughter his wife, Evelyn, also managed to escape the shelling. As the eldest child, Crystal Holcomb, a 14-year-old Philip, the day service remained at home.

To honor the memory of eight innocent victims, the service was attended by about three thousand people. In connection with such a large number of supporters not all of them managed to get into the building where took place farewell. Many of the remaining street showed their emotions about the incident, mourned, hugged and cried.

The funeral was organized in Floresville, about 12 miles (19 km) from First Baptist Church, where there was the largest mass shooting in the history of Texas.

According to organizers, the service was closed to the media. A private burial will take place a little later: exact date unknown.

Posted by John Holcombe on Saturday, April 9, 2016