Californians will have to pay for a new ID card

Californians will have to pay for a new ID card

Your current driver’s license or even your ID soon will not be sufficient in order to complete in various government agencies, airports, inland flights are secured with TSA (transportation security Administration). Instead, you need a new ID card called Real ID – and, most important, you will have to pay for it. To 1 October 2020 Real ID needs to be every resident of California.

At the same time, officials report that obtaining a Real ID at the moment, not necessarily for those who does not travel and visited Federal agencies, military bases and other objects with high security level.

Californians will have to pay for a new ID card

If you still need a new ID card or updated driver’s license with the required level of security, you buy it for 34 dollars, starting from January 22, 2018.

Documents of the old sample with no change. You can use them for flights, visits to airports and Federal buildings in combination with another official document: passport, military ID (Military ID), identification card passport (Passport ID card) or travel card (Traveler Card).

You don’t need Real ID to:

  • driving (vehicle use);
  • participation in elections;
  • apply for Federal benefits or their actual receipt;
  • a visit to the Federal facility, which does not require confirmation of identity (e.g., post offices);
  • visiting the hospital or receiving services life-saving.
  • To obtain a Real ID you need to apply in person, providing proof of identity (birth certificate, passport, work permit, etc.), the social security number. Apply online impossible.