President trump solemnly pardoned turkeys

President trump solemnly pardoned turkeys

Thanksgiving, like Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July is known for its special traditions. In addition to watching football or the parade in a circle of friends and relatives at the holiday table, there are more unusual ceremony. For example, the pardon turkeys President of the United States, which is annually repeated on the White house lawn in front of cameras and cameras.

Today, President Donald trump, in the company of his family ceremonially pardoned a couple of turkeys with funny nicknames Wishbone (wishbone) and Drumstick (leg boiled or fried poultry). At the ceremony, however, was present only Drumstick, chubby white handsome man who would look great on the holiday table, if not for his luck. Instead of the oven, the Turkey will go to the farm, where they will happily live their simple bird life in peace and quiet as possible.

President trump solemnly pardoned turkeys

During his speech, trump to go a little further in history, saying that first the Turkey presented to the President in 1947, when the White house was Harry Truman, who, by the way, didn’t give the bird such an honor and I just ate it. However, the current President did not follow his footsteps, he quipped that the previous pardoned turkeys have nothing to fear.

«As you know, I actively override the decisions of their predecessors. … But Tater and Tot (turkeys pardoned by Obama) can sleep peacefully, they were not in danger».

However, in one of his phrases trump was wrong. He said Drumstick is waiting for «a very, very bright future.» Last year’s stars Tater and Tot are currently living in Virginia Tech, where today also went to Wishbone and Drumstick, but because these turkeys brought specially for them to eat, they will not live very long.


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