Was arrested in North Korea American died a mysterious death in the U.S.

Was arrested in North Korea American died a mysterious death in the U.S.

In January 2010, a young English teacher from Boston was arrested for illegally crossing the border between China and North Korea.

A few months later, on 6 April, the North Korean authorities sentenced Aijalon Mali Gomes to eight years of hard labor and fined $700,000.

But on August 26 a man was released, than to strive for the 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carterflew to Pyongyang for talks the day before.

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After returning home, Gomez for five years, was treated from his injuries. In 2015, he published the book «Violence and humanity» (‘Violence and Humanity’), which described in detail your experience in North Korea.

He recently moved from Boston to San Diego, where last Friday, November 17, police found Igerna, surrounded by flames, on the field, along Pacific Highway.

Arrived on the scene members of the fire and rescue Department San Diego noted that the man was dead. He was 38 years old.

Investigators still remains a mystery the question, was this death accidental or occurred as a planned suicide. The version about murder of the shallows to the side.

It is known that Gomez has repeatedly made attempts to commit suicidewhen he was in a North Korean labor camp. There Augeron refused to eat, which, as it seemed to him, urinated guard, and cut my wrists with sharp objects.

Augeron Mali Gomez became the second American after his release from a North Korean prison died this year. We will remind, in June died an American student of Otto Warmbierreturning from the DPRK in a coma.