A man from Florida found a three-meter alligator in his pool (photo)

Probably Rob Carver of Nokomis (FL) and was glad I did not throw a party in your pool in the evening on 30 March. All because in his yard snuck a three-meter alligator.

On the night of March 31, Mr. Carver woke up because of the loud noise coming from the porch.

«I turned on the light and looked out the bedroom window. Then I saw something near the porch, and thought it was a lynx, but a few minutes, I said: «Oh my God, it’s a big alligator!», — the eyewitness told the journalists of FOX 13 News.

Wife of Mr. Carver, Patricia, said her husband immediately told her to call 911. Upon arrival, police called the dream catchers, the animals that pulled a huge alligator out of the pool.

Just no.

Posted by Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, March 31, 2018

According to Carver, the alligator was in his pool due to low water levels in local ponds.

Journalists FOX 13 News found in Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, often after the capture of alligators waiting for unsweetened fate: they are killed for their meat and skins. Occasionally the animals left alive and sold to farmers or zoos.